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About me!

I’m known for a big smile, being far too partial to chocolate and creating cool stuff.


I grew up in the stunning surrounds of Queenstown with the the buzz of adventure tourism and the lake, rivers and mountains being home. This ingrained a respect for the environment and a passion for nature (NZ is a pretty cool place) that often inspires my work. 

I have a creative family and as a youngster attempted to keep up with my talented older brothers and aspired to draw like my mum (often getting frustrated that my six-year-old drawings didn't look exactly the same).


Naturally gravitating toward anything creative, and wanting to work with people, I completed a degree in Visual Communication Design and went on to work in a multidisciplinary design industry.

I love creating work that is purposeful, unique and a little bit special. Whether it is creating a brand, apparel/merchandise, custom illustration or perhaps something for a special occasion - if you have a project in mind please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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