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Kiki has been designed as a mascot and new member of staff for the Queenstown Library.

The Kea is a native New Zealand mountain parrot known for its cheekiness, limitless curiosity and intelligence. The iconic Remarkables mountain range acts as a playground for the Kea, and they are often seen playing in the snow and watching over fast-sliding adrenaline junkies.

As a mascot, Kiki represents the Queenstown Library’s presence within the community and showcases its engaging spirit.  Kiki has been illustrated to appeal to children with the emphasis ultimately being on encouraging knowledge building and establishing proficient young readers.

In Maori symbolism Kea are considered Kaitiaki (guardians) of their people, which seemed to fit nicely in the context of a community symbol. The Tuatara and Weta have been designed as complimentary characters to sit alongside Kiki in the Queenstown Library range of merchandise. The Tuatara in Maori symbolism represents the guardian of knowledge.

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